Mountains of Antarctica

"Having climbed a mountain in Antarctica one then starts work; there will be no shaking hands and beaming at each other, for there is no glory on the first ascent of an Antarctic peak — only four to nine hours of great discomfort and frustration standing behind a theodolite waiting for the cloud to lift or the wind to drop so that the observations may be taken."    — Herbert W., 1962.
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This is a list of the main mountain ranges and isolated summits of Antarctica. The snow Domes have been excluded, as well as a couple of minor 'hills' and tiny islands around the continent. Unfortunately I haven't climbed any of those mountains, only scary icebergs and very flat snow domes. So if you are preparing an expedition to any of those mountains you have to take us with you...

For a lot more about Antarctic climbing, I refer you to a recent book listing all known ascents: The Antarctic Mountaineering Chronology by Damien Gildea; A list of first ascents of mountains in Antarctica, 1817-1998. Published by Damien Gildea, Australia, 1998. ISBN 0-646-36129-5. Available there. It was the inspiration for this page. And if you want to know more about what lurks in Antarctic mountains, you might want to read this...

Note: this page contains animations in Javascript and will probably work only with MS Internet Explorer 4, Netscape/Mozilla 4 or above. Sorry if it thrashes around on other browsers. Click on the red boxes to select a mountain range, then click on the 4 buttons below so select a view. On the altimetry 3D maps, the black corresponds to the low altitude written in the title and the white to the high altitude, with a rainbow spectrum in between. Narrow summits may be higher than the indicated maximum if the resolution is insufficient. Those maps were drawn with LargeImage v1.6.

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Alexander Island Anvers Island, Brabant island and Trinity peninsula Admiralty Range, Mt Melbourne and Mt Minto Darwin Range, Queen Elizabeth range, Mt McClintock Executive Committee Range, Flood range, Ames range, Mt Siple, Mt Sidley Fimbulheimen Range Crary mountains, Mt Takahe, Mt Frakes Heimefrontfjella and Vestfjella Heritage range Ohio range and Horlick mountains Jones mountains Mawson escarpment Lambert glacier area: Mawson escarpment, Grove mountains, Prince Charles mountains, Munro Kerr mountains, Mt Menzies, Mt Borland Queen Alexandra range, Queen Elizabeth range, Mt Markham Napier mountains, Scott mountains, Tula mountains, Tayner peak Pensacola mountains: Patuxent range, Neptune range, Forrestal range Queen Maud mountains: Wisconsin range, LaGorce mountains Royal Society range, Asgard range, Mt Erebus, Mt Terror Vinson massif: Mt Kershaw, Monte Espana, Pico principe de Asturias, Pico Jaca Sentinel range: Vinson massif, Pic Gryzka Shackleton range, Theron mountains Sor-Rondane range, Belgicafjella, Thorshavnheiane Sweeney mountains, Mt Coman Thiel mountains, King peak Antarctic Peninsula: Eternity range, Graham land, Trinity peninsula RadarSat image of Antarctica showing the location of the various mountain ranges


RadarSat image of Antarctic mountains