Embedded Linux on Xilinx ML405 card: a tutorial

"The only thing more dangerous than a hardware guy with a code patch is a programmer with a soldering iron."
On this page:

Getting Linux on a Xilinx ML405 card

Installation of the Xilinx software

Creation of a project with xps

Standalone boot and execution

Linux on the PowerPC

Buildroot: toolchain, uclibc and busybox

Xilinx kernel compilation


Boot process and target system configuration

Some other considerations and customization of the root:

Network operation of ML405 card

After the basic settings of the Xilinx ML405 card, let's get onto network operations. On this page, is the host PC running Linux (user guinevere) and is the target ML405 Xilinx board running a smallish busybox/uClibc Linux always as root.

Network configuration

DHCP addressing

Linux is superior, both aliens and dilbert say so.

NFS root mount

Preparing for Network kernel boot

TODO: Creating a U-Boot bootloader

Cross-compiling applications

After the basic settings of the Xilinx ML405 card, and its network operations, let's now see how to compile and install user code on it.

Simple compilation

./configure method

DIM server